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Our van conversions take a very nice van and mold it into something extraordinary, giving you added functionality and pleasure ... every day. Our enhancements are many. You won’t find them anywhere else. Only from our new line of Explorer custom vans.

Explorer Vans are the perfect way to travel, whether for family trips, taking the kids to practice, or taking the gals or guys out for the day. They're packed with endless customizable features making a truly perfect travel van. Explorer’s smart engineering merges with thoughtful design to ensure your customized van provides transportation with luxurious style and comfort.

At last, practicality meets elegance, with a lot of wow factor. Choose from a seven, nine, twelve or fifteen passenger vans from Chevrolet, GMC, Ford or Mercedes and begin creating an Explorer that fits your lifestyle.

Why drive ordinary when you can have extraordinary?
Experience the difference.

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