Chevy / GMC 4-Wheel Drive (4×4) Vans

Great Capacity, Maneuverability, Safety

Many of our customers are looking for something that has great load capacity and is easy to drive and they’re surprised to find our 4×4 vans do these things better than any SUV. There isn’t a factory SUV on the market that can truly compete with an Explorer South converted 4×4 van. A 4×4 van’s cargo space, passenger capacity, and overall utility leaves any SUV on the market in the dust. This enhanced utility, and the fact that a van and a customized 4×4 conversion normally costs thousands of dollars less than a new factory SUV, makes a 4×4 van the clear choice to smart consumers and business owners.

Our 4×4 vans are fully customizable to fit your business or individual needs and can be outfitted with other heavy duty components like: winches, roof racks, brush guards, and light kits.

Chevrolet / GMC 4x4 Van Conversions

Explorer South’s Unmatched Reputation

Explorer South specializes in converting Chevy / GMC vans to 4WD. Our longstanding relationship with Chevrolet/GMC manufacturers makes converting your new van a simple, efficient process. After our conversion, Chevy / GMC will honor the original factory warranty. Few companies have this kind of trust and respect from these major manufacturers.

Advantages of a 4×4 Chevy / GMC Van

A 4×4 Van is Ideal For:

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Planning to use your van for your business? You may be able to immediately write off up to 100% of the purchase price of your new Explorer South van on your business taxes. Please consult with your tax advisor to learn more.

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